Easily grow mixed salad leaves to pick again and again

Easily grow mixed salad leaves to pick again and again

Easily grow mixed salad leaves to pick again and again

Isn’t there something nice about popping outside and grabbing a few leaves of lettuce, giving it a quick spin and lashing it on the plate. This guide is for the urban dweller first of all, and anyone else that’s interested in kicking off your garden with this simple practice.

I have used this self watering propagator multiple times this year to make life a bit easier. When you work long unpredictable hours or heading out for the weekend, this unit will water your plants for you. Fill with soil (fairly compact so shoots are easy to remove) ,fill with water at the bottom and lightly cover your seeds.  This item accelerates the growth and its takes the right amount of water from the bottom of the tray. It takes the guess work out of it and for around 15 euro’s its hard to go wrong. I’ve re-used mine approx 8 times so far, its delicate but will last as long as your careful and clean it each time. Don’t put it in too much sunlight or your seeds will get leggy. Otherwise just use using any kind of carton, don’t over water and don’t let it dry out. Lettuce seeds don’t like too much heat so watch this when germinating.

Alternatively if you are happy enough to go straight to a big pot\tub sprinkle seeds sparingly over the top of good compost , water well. Here is one (photo below) I did a few month back in an old container after transplanting. So the bottom line is to start off inside while its still frosty, once the hard frost is over, go ahead and plant outdoors. A more detailed guide can be found in a nice piece by  quickcrops here



Also a good reference is an article below by the legendary Monty Don. Monty Don’s full article here and also a short video

When transplanting your Leaf lettuce it should be planted 4 inches apart with headed lettuce approx 6-8 inches apart.  Sometimes planting Lettuce beside a slightly bigger plant to shade may stop them getting leggy early on (growing too tall and get flopsy)

Finally labeling everything helps in the long run,  buy them here or a useful little trick is using plastic forks seen here

Please leave any helpful comments or advice, they are appreciated.

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