The best Tomato seeds to buy for beginners

The best Tomato seeds to buy for beginners

Last year we grew polytunnel tomatoes without taking proper note of types, sizes and flavour’s. We grew them indiscriminately with fairly good success but it’s hard to plan your space when you don’t know the final size of your plants, how tall or bushy they will become. This year We Will pick five types of tomato that will grow in conditions suitable for Ireland and the UK.  Different types also,  so you have a variety going to your plate, chef’s will tell you they like to have a variety of tomatoes on the plate with different balance of acidity and sweetness giving you depths of flavour and who am I to argue!

Our research is from across the web, from Tomato experts that have listed the most suitable tomatoes for different jobs. These are the Tomatoes that I have purchased from seed this year. Lastly, as you probably know already, its no harm buying a few small tomato plants for your local garden centre if you are running late with your sowing so you can have an early yield.

The Reliable Tomatoes

Sungold (Cherry) this name comes up again and again. It’s stable with high productivity and although a little boring, it will give you tomatoes from the end of June until November if under cover.  There are easy to grow, heavy cropping sweet cherry tomato.

They will grow outdoors also during the warmer months. Might be worthwhile sowing a sprig of Basil underneath to deter aphids.  Some other alternatives are “Sweet Aperitif, Suncherry Premium, Piccolo and Sunsugar.

Stupice – This is from the Czech Republic and is a determinate type (gets to a certain size, stops growing and bushes out, rather climbing like a vine). The advantage of the determinate is that they need no training, with no need to pinch out lateral shoots. Some say the Stupice tastes a little bland but don’t be put off, it still will taste better than your supermarket equivalent. This can also be grown outdoors with relative ease. Some other alternatives are Moneymaker, Alicante and Shirley

The Super Healthy – Caro Rich – named due to amazing carotene levels (10 times more than most tomatoes) and also lots of trace elements. This makes it super-healthy eaten raw. It is easy to grow, with a delicious salty, rich and acidic flavour and a perfect texture for slicing for salad. These are full size tomatoes. It can grow to 1.5m.

Hanging basket Tomato – Tumbling Tom is the perfect dwarf bush variety for a hanging basket, hugely productive, vigorous and easy to grow, with masses of juicy, sweet cherry-sized fruit throughout the summer. Another alternatives are Hundreds & Thousands

Heirloom – Brandywine. The Brandywine is an heirloom variety that is slow to mature so have patience with it. It has a beefsteak shape with pinkish flesh on the inside. It sometimes is left with green shoulders but this is no harm. It can reach 9ft with plenty of light and heat. This should be your experimental tomato if you are a beginner. They require a lot of tender loving care. Alternatives Black krim or OTV.

Where did I purchase the seeds? See here

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