Dividing or Splitting clumps of Bamboo

Dividing or Splitting clumps of Bamboo

we are splitting a Phyllostachys aurea – Golden Bamboo today.

Hi All, This post is specifically about declumping or splitting bamboo’s to make a number of plants out of one. Bamboo’s are expensive to buy so save yourself some money and split the one’s you have.  In the pictures below, you can see that the bamboo was starved for space with a lot of roots showing clambering for space.
Feeding the Bamboo
Adding a soil improver, a fertiliser high in Nitrogen content or better still organic compost or manure will help the bamboo. I’ve just added this to the plants in the picture so will post further pictures as the year goes on to report on healthiness. They are very prone to drying out with wind which I found out the hard way so some water retention product would really help, maybe a layer of bark around the top to keep in the moisture. I am replanting these into pots, but in the ground is obviously more suitable.
The best way I have found to split a bamboo is a sawzall or saw of some description, I have split this one in half, you could go further but try to stick with half if you can. I also cut an inch or two off the bottom so it would sit better in my pot – this is no harm. The root structure needs to be watered\soaked well before the splitting. As spoken about above, if soiling in pots, it will dry out very easily, keep an eye on it.


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